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Software Engineer

First solve the problem, then write the code.
- D'Artagnan Calitz


Work Experience

Support Illustration

Calbaptist Racing

As Electronics Junior Lead, I design, manufacture, and test the electronic system for a Formula 1-style car, including prototyping, production, design presentations, and harness manufacturing.

Design Illustration

ITS Lead Technician

As the ITS Technician Lead at a university, I oversee staff, manage projects across departments, interface with clients, consult with directors, collaborate with teams, and establish processes in our issue tracking system.

Deploy Illustration

ITS Analyst

Oversaw IT functions at California Baptist University, including server/network maintenance, software/platform configuration, and collaboration with other IT sub-departments for a campus of 12,000+ students and 600+ staff/faculty.

Project Experience

My Work 1

Password Generator

C++ C# Windows Forms
My Work 1

Student Tracking Attendance

PHP Python SQL
My Work 1

Electronic Clutch

C++ Arduino PCB Design
My Work 1

Launch Control

C++ AEM Infinity Arduino
My Work 1

Cal-baptist Racing Website Re-design

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript
My Work 1

Octo-Print Integration

C++ G-Code JavaScript

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